A New Vision Charity Photobook


(Photo Credit: Lee Siew Yian)

What can you buy with SGD$100? A budget air ticket to Hong Kong? A meal in a fancy restaurant? Or 10 movie tickets?

Well, to many people who are suffering from cataract blindness in Indonesia, SGD$100 is their ticket to regain their eyesight.

In Asia, many people are suffering from cataract blindness simply because they are unable to afford any treatment. For the past few months, we have been working closely with Bob Endert, and Lee Siew Yian, a volunteer from A New Vision, to come up with this wonderful initiative to help the poor people who are suffering from cataract blindness in Indonesia to see again.

With every donation of $100 to A New Vision, you will be helping these people to pay for a 10 minute operation to regain their sight. As a token of appreciation, A New Vision will present a HD quality Photobook filled with amazing images of Asia printed by us. These stunning images are contributed by 40 talented photographers from a Facebook group, Asian Passion for Imaging, headed by Bob.

To find out more about this initiative, visit www.anewvision.org.