8″ x 8″

HD FotoJournal SlimPro
Hardcover 40pgs

as low as $140

Spread-flat Binding
Widely flat and fully visible

Flat-Spread Binding Technology

HD FotoJournal SlimPro uses flat-spread binding technology, so you can spread images across two pages without losing areas of your photos between the pages. Printed on premium quality double-sided HD photographic paper, the 40pg photobook still feel light and compact.

8″x8″ HD FotoJournal
SlimPro Hardcover 40pg

at $140

* max 40pgs
* Leadtime: 5 – 7 working days
* Express 3 working days: Add 30%
* Express 2 working days: Add 50%
* Express 1 working day: Add 100%